„Power-to-X: A key to the energy transition?“ – 4th Rogowski-Event


On the 15th November 2018 the Rogowski-Event took place for the 4th time. Again, the discussion focused on a presently relevant topic from the energy sector.


„Power-to-X: A key to the energy transition?“

Background of this topic are the goals decided in the Paris Climate Agreement. To achieve these goals a nearly CO2-neutral coverage of the overall energy consumption is necessary. The growing share of renewable energies in the electricity sector raises the question, if and how these renewable electrical energy - by conversion into other energy carriers - can be used to reduce CO2-emission in other sectors as well. With this question, the 4th Rogowski-Event focused on a key aspect of the energy transition. Moderated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Moser over 150 guests discussed this question together with four experts from the energy industry.

As panelists we welcomed:

  • Dr. Klaus Kleinekorte (Amprion GmbH, CTO),
  • Dr. Tobias Brosze (Stadtwerke Mainz, vice chairman),
  • Prof. Marc Oliver Bettzüge (EWI Köln, head of institute) and
  • Barbie Kornelia Haller (Bundesnetzagentur, chairwoman BK7 "gas regulation").

Overall, the experts agreed that the use of electrical energy in other sectors is a key for the long-term success of the energy transition, especially to utilize the oversupply of renewable electricity for the economy. But there were different opinions about which concepts and technologies would be the “right” ones to efficiently use electrical energy in other sectors and which energy carriers could be substituted at all.

After the panel discussion the guests and experts continued the lively discussion in the relaxed atmosphere of the following Get-Together.