Vision & Mission Statement


The energy transition and the complete substitution of nuclear and fossil energy sources is perhaps the most important and most complicated task of mankind. The associated transformation of the energy systems is highly interdisciplinary, complex, and of worldwide relevance, although regionally specific. The digitization also supports a quasi-complete electr(on)ification of all sectors and industries.

Against this background, the Institute for High Voltage Engineering (Rogowski Institute) aims at,

  • providing a qualitative, timely and comprehensive contribution to all relevant issues,
  • offering a sustainable education and training program and providing outstanding graduates in the labor market, and
  • being the internationally accepted and nationally preferred academic partner.

Our research concentrates on

  • the physical modeling as well as the market and system design of future energy systems,
  • the interpretation, analysis and operation of necessary infrastructure, and
  • the development of basic knowledge and expertise on these systems.

Implementation is driven by

  • personal competence, innovation, and focused research,
  • transfer of professional expertise and graduates into practice,
  • national and international collaborations, and
  • education and training programs.