Finalized Projects


In the following list you will find selected completed research projects.

Project Topic Sponsorship Start End
IBoTec Innovative drilling technology for laying underground cables as part of network expansion BMWi 07.2016 12.2018
Kryo 2 Long-term electrical strength and aging of mixed polymer dielectrics for low-temperature applications DFG 01.2017 12.2018
SwarmGrid Safe operation of power grids by system services of user swarms BMBF 09.2015 07.2018
IREN2 Microgrids as island grids and as topological power plants BMWI 07.2014 04.2018
OES Spectroscopic analysis of switching arcs DFG 01.2016 03.2018
PerSeuS Planning principles for extended stability considerations embedded in European power system BMBF 07.2015 12.2017
SLAM Charging infrastructure, electromobility BMWi 01.2014 08.2017
Smart Area Aachen Maintenance in future distribution networks with innovative components BMWi 07.2013 06.2017
SEnCom System security of power systems with integration of information and communication technologies BMWi 12.2014 01.2017