Overview of the models of the IFHT toolchain Copyright: IFHT

Toolchain for holistic analysis of energy systems on central and decentral levels


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André Hoffrichter

Head of Department Sustainable Energy Systems


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The IFHT-Toolchain enables holistic analyses of future energy supply systems considering contemporary grid and technology trends. The Toolchain is continuously extended by the research assistants within the scope of several dissertations. Here, the latest as well as upcoming questions with regard to energy supply, electrical grid and system stability are addressed in order to quantify and assess mutual ecological, technical and economic impacts of different regulatory frameworks. The range of possible research questions involves regionalization of renewable energies, market mechanisms, power plant operation schemes, grid operation, required redispatch measures and resulting impacts on system stability

The comprehensive model structure is unique and is enhanced continuously with respect to present challenges and questions. With this, the IFHT can offer a wide range of simulations and analysis for various scenarios to investigate the present and future energy supply system and derive recommendations to face upcoming challenges and opportunities of the energy revolution..