Energy System Technologies


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Sven Schumann

Head of Department Energy System Technologies


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Reliable components of primary and secondary technology form the backbone of an interference-free electrical power supply. The Energy System Technologies research department works on a wide variety of material- and component-related research topics. These range from environmentally friendly insulating materials and equipment to measuring, control and communication technology. The combination of energy technology issues with the increasing digitalization of power supply is increasingly finding its way into our research activities. The research department has a wide range of laboratory environments at its disposal for characterizing materials and investigating components of primary and secondary technology. A long-term network of interdisciplinary partners within and outside RWTH Aachen University enables us to deal with challenging questions and rounds off the profile of our research department.

Central research topics:

  • Insulation materials and systems for DC voltage applications
  • Switching of direct currents
  • Insulation materials and systems for medium-frequency high voltage applications
  • Environmentally friendly insulating gases and switch technologies
  • Thermal modelling of innovative conductor technologies and gas-insulated switchgear
  • Diagnosis of circuit-breakers
  • Asset management of operating equipment
  • Co-simulation of energy information networks
  • Modelling of communication networks and control technology of various actors (TSO/VNB, VPP, GWA)
  • Analysis of the applicability of information and communication technologies in energy supply

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