Stability in Active Distribution Grids


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Dominik Willenberg

Team Leader Stability in Active Distribution Grids


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  Synchro generator and inverter test bench at the IFHT test centre Copyright: Martin Braun

Active distribution grids are a consequence of the integration of distributed generation units (DG) as well as controllable devices into the classic load-dominated distribution grids. The associated increase in system complexity due to the high number, decentralisation and diversity of the devices represents one of the major challenges with regard to stable and secure grid operation. This transition requires and enables new operating, control and protection concepts.

In this context, the team Stability in Active Distribution Grids focusses on ensuring a successful network integration and stability even in critical grid conditions. For this purpose, dynamic time domain simulations and quasi-stationary simulations for designing protection schemes as well as laboratory tests with real components are conducted and continuously improvement.

Main research topics:

  • Ensuring voltage and frequency stability in normal and fault conditions by designing control concepts for temporary off-grid operation
  • Interaction of the regulations of network resources
  • Improvement of the power quality by DG
  • Re-supply and network reconstruction by means of resilient emergency islands
  • System design of future low-voltage grids (AC/DC)

Theses of the team ADG