Distribution Grid Planning and Operation


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Marcel Kurth

Team Leader Distribution Grid Planning and Operation


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The increasing integration of decentralised power generation, battery storage systems and new loads, such as charging stations for electric vehicles and heat pumps, which are associated with the “German Energiewende”, increasingly faces distribution system operators by new challenges. At the same time, as digitisation progresses, there are opportunities to optimise the planning and operation of distribution grids both technically and economically. In the context of these challenges and opportunities, the research team Distribution Grid Planning and Operation develops solutions and concepts that can be used to ensure secure and optimal network operation today and in the future.

For the development and optimisation of centralised and decentralised network management concepts, new mathematical methods, i.a. for state estimation, as well as prognosis methods using artificial neutral networks are employed. Thereby, distribution grid operation is closely linked with distribution grid planning. In both cases, active network resources are taken into account, such as regulated distribution transformers and battery storage systems, but also active grid operation management concepts to ensure optimal use of the technical conditions. These include i.a. dynamic distribution grid configuration and the use of grid-oriented flexibility by controllable loads, battery storage systems and loads. In addition to the electrical distribution grids, the energy sectors gas and heat are also considered cross-sectorally and holistically. Furthermore, another focus of the investigations is the optimisation of the placement of charging infrastructure for electric mobility as a function of user behaviour and network conditions.

Central research topics:

  • Analysis and evaluation of current and future distribution networks and supply tasks
  • Development of multimodal, cross-energy network planning and operational
  • Development of smart grid concepts and innovative grid management concepts for distribution grids
  • Use and development of a comprehensive and highly efficient simulation environment based on new mathematical methods

Theses of the team DPO