Energy Markets and System Assessment


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Maria Vasconcelos

Team Leader Energy Markets and System Assessment


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  Windmill on a meadow Copyright: Pixabay

The team energy markets and system assessment addresses key research questions relating to energy markets within systemic analyses. Based on the modelling of current and future generation and load patterns as well as on sector-coupling flexibilities, European energy markets are simulated and new designs for local energy markets are developed. Furthermore, trading strategies for networks of distributed energy resources (virtual power plants) are optimized.

The tools developed in the team ES are primarily based on mathematical optimization, agent-based modelling, evolutionary algorithms as well as decomposition methods. For applications with short-term time horizons, data mining and machine learning methods are increasingly being used.

Key research topics:

  • Simulation and systemic analyses of European Energy Markets
  • Development and assessment of new market designs for local energy markets, nodal pricing, flow based market coupling
  • Scenario-based definition of future generation, consumption and flexibility patterns and integrated consideration of sector coupling’s potential for achieving the climate goals
  • Aggregation and trading strategies for virtual power plants under consideration of uncertainties

Theses of the team ES