Insulation Systems


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Marvin Bendig

Team Leader Insulation Systems


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  Dielectric breakdown test Copyright: Martin Braun

With its innovative research in the field of sustainable and environmentally friendly dielectrics, the Insulation Systems team makes an important contribution to the secure and sustainable energy supply of the future. Research activities include gaseous, liquid and solid insulating materials and their interfaces in a wide variety of fields of application. Important focal points are the increasing demand for insulation systems for DC and medium-frequency applications and the replacement of carcinogenic or climate-damaging insulating materials. The team has extensive testing facilities and high-quality analytics at its disposal with which insulating materials and systems can be examined in detail in the short and long term. Thermal and electrical simulations complete the profile of the research team. In addition to research projects, the Insulation Systems team offers standard-compliant testing services for insulating materials.

Central research topics:

  • Substitution of epoxy resin as an insulation medium
  • Investigations on insulation media and systems under DC-stress
  • Substitution of SF6 with alternative insulation gases
  • Simulation of breakdown processes in gaseous dielectrics
  • Investigations on insulation media under medium-frequency stress

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