Energy Information Technologies


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Benedikt Klaer

Team Leader Energy Information Technologies


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  SCADA system in the testing center of IFHT Copyright: Martin Braun

The research team Energy Information Technologies investigates new application possibilities of modern information and communication technologies for the operation of current and future power grids, supported by simulation and close to the application. Using cyber-physical simulations (CPS), the interaction of energy networks, communication networks and data streams can be investigated in detail and scalable at all levels. The research team is also distinguished by its strong practical relevance in the laboratory distribution grid of the Centre for Storage Technologies and Grid Integration. Real primary technology, secondary technology, communication links, IT security technologies and the operation of an industry-typical SCADA sytem enable verification experiments of the simulation results. The fields of activity are the technical development of modern process networks, implementation of scalable CPS environments or the integration of modern ICT concepts into network operation management.

Key research topics:

  • Co-simulation of energy information networks
  • Modelling of communication networks
  • Development of process data generators
  • Control technology of various actors (TSO/DSO, VPP)
  • Digitization of asset management

Theses of the team EIT