Primary Technology and Diagnostics


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Tobias Frehn

Team Leader Primary Technology & Diagnostics


+49 241 80 49339


  Operating room of the circuit breaker laboratory Copyright: Martin Braun

The work of the Primary Technology & Diagnostics team contributes to the safe and reliable operation of current and future electrical networks. The research focuses on both technical requirements for the primary technology of electrical networks and the development of minimally intrusive diagnostic methods. A wide range of experimental facilities are available to answer the resulting questions. These range from synthetic test circuits for investigations on HV power and MV load break switches to a continuous test field for conductor technologies and a novel test laboratory for determining the human perception threshold of electrical fields. The experimental work and the profound theoretical analysis based on the modelling of physical processes is supported by various simulative investigations.

Key research topics:

  • Development and investigation of environmentally friendly switching technologies
  • Thermal modelling of innovative conductor technologies and gas-insulated switchgear
  • Switching of direct currents
  • Diagnosis of circuit-breakers
  • Investigations on the impact of fault arcs

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