Publicly Funded Research Projects


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the public sponsors and their respective project management agencies for the financial funding of our research projects. This includes in particular the Federal Ministries BMWi and BMWF, AiF, EU, DFG and many other organizations and foundations.

The projects are mostly carried out in close cooperation with the industry. The majority of the projects are designed to be multidisciplinary. For this purpose, we cooperate with other faculties of RWTH Aachen University and with a number of research institutes at other universities and organisations.

Project Topic Sponsorship Start End
STeP Development of a method for integrated distribution gird and PLC technology planning taking into account scenario and use case-dependent requirements BMWi 09.2018 08.2021
Plan4Res Energy sector coupling in central western europe (CWE) EU Kommission 11.2017 10.2020
FitTherm Load profiles and test specifications for fittings for high-temperature conductors BMWi 07.2017 12.2019
DeCAS Mocrogrids, topological power plants, market integration, BMWi 09.2016 03.2019
PROMOTioN Progress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks EU Komission 01.2016 12.2019
ENSURE Further development of existing energy supply systems to meet future requirements BMBF 01.2016 08.2019
DC Lab High performance test circuit for DC components BMWI 10.2015 09.2018
BERCOM Blueprint for Pan-European Resilient Critical Infrastructures based on LTE Communications BMBF 09.2015 02.2019
FEN Application of DC technologies in distribution grids BMBF 10.2014 03.2019