Sustainable Energy Systems


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Christoph Müller

Head of Department Sustainable Energy Systems


+49 241 80 90149


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Research in the department of Sustainable Energy Systems focuses on modeling, simulation and assessment of the European energy system from the perspective of the energy market and transmission as well as distribution grids. First, the focus is on the simulation and optimization of centralized and local energy markets in Germany and Europe regarding the electricity and heat supply, the investigation of new market mechanisms and the integration of electric mobility. Secondly, methods for grid expansion planning in transmission and distribution grids as well as innovative and automated system operation and control concepts and their interaction are analyzed.

Central research topics:

Planning of future energy systems under consideration of energy sector coupling

Simulation of central and local energy markets

Dispatch planning and operation of virtual as well as topological power plants

Grid expansion planning in transmission- and distribution grids

Innovative system operation and control concepts for transmission- and distribution grids

Intelligent and self-learning methods for automation of grid operation and control